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October 9, 2019
Does Zantac Break Down Into a Carcinogen?


Rather than contamination, 'the fundamental problem is that it's an unstable molecule'

October 8, 2019
US hospitals are looking for "baby cuddlers" to comfort infants struggling with opioid withdrawal

The National Institute of Drug Abuse states that every 15 minutes, one baby suffering from opioid withdrawal is born.

September 23, 2019
Lori Madeira | ME/CFS Advocate

Profound fatigue is indescribably horrific. It’s not feeling tired, sleepy, or worn down. It’s an alarm system, a failure in our body, a shutting down process. ⠀

Dr. Jarred Younger is the ... See more

September 22, 2019
300 Tons of Gold Medal Flour Recalled

Consumer Reports shared details of the Gold Medal flour recall of 300 tons of flour for possible E. coli contamination.

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